Monday, February 28, 2005

It Was A Fun Weekend

This past Saturday the whole clan (minus youngest daughter) plus a couple of friends went kayaking amongst the mangroves to celebrate my husbands birthday. It was a little chilly since it was overcast, but that was actually more to my liking. I hate the heat! Unfortunately, due to the wind and weather the usual interesting sights to see were missing. We saw a few mullet jumping, a few birds, and LOTS of mangroves. Water, mangroves, water, mangroves. Oh, and we also saw some mangroves. I decided to break the monotony by explaining to anyone who wanted to listen that there were three types of mangroves.
At one point my oldest daughter (some of you are familiar with"L") pointed excitedly to our right. My son and I who were in a kayak together quickly looked to see what she was pointing at, hoping to finally see something of interest. When we didn't see what she was pointing to, we turned back to look at her and saw her fiendish grin as she said, "Look, mangroves!" We groaned and then laughed. Since I had explained about the fact that there were red, black, and white mangroves both of them decided to give me a hard time because I was certainly of the colors must be green since that was all they could see. It was definitely time to return to shore.
Saturday night we went to a local hangout and played darts, pool, and foosball. I like darts. I did fairly well once I discovered that one of my darts no longer had a decent point. It's amazing how much easier it is to get a dart to stick to the board when it has a point! I have decided to get a dartboard and darts for the house. However, it seems the kind of dart board I want is not practical. I like those electronic boards that keep score for you automatically. My boys are trying to convince me that a regular dart board is actually much more fun. Well, I guess I should listen to them.
After a few games, we decided to give kayaking another try if we could paddle someplace with a few more things to see. It looks like we may try to take a route that will take us by a power plant where the manatees hang out in the cooler weather. That would be fun. There should also be more birds. And next time I will have a waterproof case for my digital camera so that I can take some pictures! I will also bring water and some snacks... my son was ready to try to catch a jumping mullet and make sushi out of him!
This weekend we all went kayaking
Entertainment just seemed to be lacking
We had hoped to see
Some birds in the trees
But alas they seemed to be lacking
Part of our conversation this weekend revolved around how much I enjoy playing Spades. My oldest son thinks I should learn how to play Texas Hold'em poker. Do you play cards or poker? If you do, what do you like to play?
Also, I would like to know from those of you that have taken cruises before, what your favorite cruise activities were. OK?


L said...

a real dart board in the house, eh? I don't know... there might be an ACCIDENT or something :)

nice poetry btw.

on my cruise I hated the food, but really enjoyed snorkling with the giant sting rays...

p.s. Yes, you should learn poker -- but don't forget to review my rules on Texas Hold 'Em

Rhodent said...

L, I actually can put on a very good poker face. ;o)

happyandblue2 said...

I have never been on a cruise but if I went on one I would stay in my cabin and watch tv.
I don't play cards often and if I do it's usually just blackjack.

Frally said...

There's a great card game called "shithead" I learnt at school but to be honest, I can't be bothered explaining it to you. Sorry I'm so lazy. As for a cruise, my step-dad has a boat and I've been on it. Does that count? I actually HATED being on the boat. I felt very claustrophobic as once you're out on the water, there's no leaving. You're stuck there until they decide to head back.

CG said...

Texas hold em can be a lot of fun - I played with my family when I was in town a few months ago.

However, my favorite card game is still Hearts. I played with my housemates in college for hours and hours.

frustratedwriter said...
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frustratedwriter said...

Rhodent, the closest thing to a cruise that I've ever experienced was being up sh** creek without the proverbial paddle, but I do like boats, water, and wildlife. I would think snorkeling would be fun...

Love card games and play Hearts (cut throat, baby, cut throat), Spades, Nertz, Poker, Black Jack, Gin, and MOW (rhymes with cow).

Your limerick was really quite clever.
It pulled on my funny bone's lever.
I wanted to pen one
About devious penquins
But alas my muse had been severed.

Great post rhodent!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hi- Sounds like a fun family weekend. Happy belated BD to your husband.

I also have never been on a cruise but I laughed very hard at "frusratedwriter's" reply.

I don't play cards nearly as often as I did when I was a kid & a teen. I loved to play Hearts, "21", Spit, Gin Rummy, Solitaire (but only if I was bored) and I enjoyed making those card houses. :D

Woody said...

Hi Rhodent, if you want a great Kayak trip, bring your kayaks up to Northern Minnesota after the snow melts. The Rapid River is just made for kayaking, and the stretch from Carp to Clementson is a long one day trip, or you can pull out and camp along the way.

You'll see beaver, otter, bald eagles, foxes, deer, maybe a bear or two, countless other animals and birds, and a few easy rapids and portages over beaver dams.

In 1992 we took the family on a cruise from Los Angeles out to the Channel Islands, and then to Ensenada, Mexico. It was a four-day cruise and the best things to do were eat, read, eat some more, gamble in the casino, get the picture. I did love getting off the ship to shop in the local areas. We cruised Avalon and took Ensenada by storm.

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