Thursday, February 24, 2005

100+ Things About Me That I Can Think Of At This Time In No Special Order

  1. I am married
  2. I have four children
  3. I have two cats
  4. All four of my children are very good looking... no kidding
  5. I am the youngest of two girls
  6. I live in Florida
  7. I was born in Newark, New Jersey
  8. Of my 4 grandparents, only one was born in the United States... 1 grandmother was British, the other grandmother was Danish, and one of my grandfathers was French (actually French Canadian)
  9. I collect mice
  10. I have a bell collection... most of my bells were given to me by my oldest daughter
  11. My favorite cuisine is French
  12. My second favorite cuisine is Japanese... especially Sushi
  13. I work at a church
  14. I love my church
  15. I am a creative person, but I don't get much of a chance to be creative with my job
  16. I am currently Catholic, but also have been Episcopalian, and Unitarian in the past
  17. I used to work in a funeral home
  18. I used to work in an assisted living facility
  19. I hate coconut
  20. I love pottery and used to throw on a wheel... I intend to get back to it when I retire
  21. I used to do basket weaving... I probably won't get back to it when I retire bacause of the arthritis in my hands
  22. I Like to sing in the shower, but never when I can be heard
  23. I don't like to do house work, but I do like a clean house
  24. I love wildflowers
  25. I am a birdwatcher
  26. I don't play golf, but I am married to a family of golf-nuts (my husband's grandfather was a golf pro)
  27. I have never gone on a cruise but will correct that this June
  28. L is the shortest of my children and she is taller than I am. My other daughter is 6 foot and my boys are 6' 5" and 6' 8". L is about 5' 8"
  29. I am 5' 6', my mother is 5' 9" and her mother was 5' 10"...what is happening? I though we were supposed to be taller than the previous generations!
  30. I have an adopted family, so I actually have another daughter and two grandchildren... I'll do a post about them sometime
  31. I can be very stubborn
  32. I don't like sarcasm as a way of insulting someone "under the table" but I tend to like sarcastic humor
  33. The funniest person I know is L
  34. I still have some remaining traits from being a flower child
  35. I don't like judgemental people
  36. When I dated before I was married, personlity was more important to me than looks.
  37. I married a very handsome man
  38. I am more of a couch potato than I should be
  39. My favorite cut of steak is Porterhouse...and I can eat a lot of it...yummy!
  40. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  41. I have traveled outside of the US to the following countries: Canada and the former Yugoslavia
  42. Places I want to visit outside of the United States include: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Kenya
  43. Places in the US I still want to see: Grand Canyon, Grand Teton National Park, Maine, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska
  44. My favorite vacation place is Minnesota
  45. My favorite touristy place to visit is Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains National Park
  46. I don't like to fly anymore
  47. I would like to take a cruise in the summer along the Alaskan Inner Passage
  48. I want my next car to be an SUV... after that I hope the hydrogen cell technology is ready for me
  49. I love to go to the movies, but rarely get to go
  50. I have no problem laughing at myself
  51. I tend to be a quiet person
  52. Sorry to all of you who hate it, but I love Christmas music
  53. My favorite color is pink
  54. My favorite color has always been pink
  55. My girls both hate pink
  56. None of my children are married
  57. I am actually okay with the fact that none of my children are married...yet
  58. I used to love to cook, but I don't anymore (love it, that is)
  59. Blogging is currently my favorite pasttime
  60. My favorite time at the beach is at night
  61. I love the rain
  62. I prefer cold weather to hot
  63. Clear starry nights in the country take my breath away
  64. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be Peter Pan so that I could fly, if I couldn't be Peter Pan I wanted to be a Veterinarian
  65. I cannot tolerate liars
  66. I don't like to be alone very much
  67. I rarely read the newpaper because I find it too inaccurate
  68. I am a TV news junky
  69. My two favorite games are Scrabble and Spades
  70. When it comes to games I can be very competetive
  71. I really want to redecorate my house, but can't afford it
  72. One of the things that I miss about not having my children at home is their music... I love that they try to keep me up to date
  73. I get a kick out of the fact that my kids listen to some of the music from "back in the day"
  74. I can still remember the lyrics to many of the songs from when I was in 8th grade
  75. I still love folk music
  76. I prefer hot tea to coffee
  77. I refuse to watch Jerry Springer on TV...can't even stand the commercials
  78. My least favorite responsibility at work is filing
  79. If I were to win one million dollars I would give 25% to charity, save 25%, and spend 50% (including on my kids)...after taxes of course
  80. I prefer hugs to kisses... most of the time, but not always
  81. I think that I am still too naive
  82. I think that my children think I am too naive
  83. If I could do anything over it would be to learn to love myself much earlier in my life
  84. I like to gamble...but not too much...I don't like to lose very much
  85. I tend to be a people pleaser
  86. I am trying to learn to be less of a people pleaser
  87. I was always closer to my father than my mother
  88. I need to lose weight...a lot of weight!
  89. I like to go shopping...even window shopping... I get a lot of ideas that way
  90. My favorite dinner to fix for company is still beef fondue...I am very glad that it's popularity is returning
  91. My best physical features are my eyes
  92. I have no hair on my legs and almost no hair on my arms
  93. I have had braces on my teeth three times in my life
  94. I don't like gossip, but I have to work at not participating in it myself
  95. I wish that I didn't have to work... I have almost always worked and would like to experience staying at home and being a homemaker for a little while....maybe some partime work? Either that or have much more vacation than I do now!
  96. Too many people confide in me and tell me not to repeat what they have told me... the only problem is sometimes I forget that they told me to keep it confidential... sometimes I even forget who has told me what... too many secrets and too many people telling them to me... UGH
  97. Central Florida is known as the lightening capitol of the world and we have spectacular thunderstorms... I love them!
  98. I have few close friends, but they are treasures
  99. I can't imagine what my life would be or would have been like without my four children
  100. I spend a lot of time planning on getting organized but somehow never seem to get there
  101. I like to make up limericks about anything that pops into my head
  102. I like to fish, but it is hard to get me to go fishing. I have a great time once I get there!
  103. Because I had the bad experience of being thrown by a horse when I was 9, I am still a little afraid of horses
  104. I would probably answer any question my children would ask me about myself... they already know I am not perfect... just as flawed as everyone else in the world.
  105. I really don't like tatoos
  106. I think money is the root of all evil, but I don't think I would do well without it
  107. I am a weather nut... one of my favorite events to attend is the Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference
  108. I love antique furniture
  109. My favorite art forms are water colors and photography
  110. My favorite birthday activities are playing darts and pool with my kids
  111. When I was little, I didn't believe in the boogie man or monsters under the bed. I did believe there were snakes under my bed at night so I would not put my feet over the edge of my bed or get out of bed until morning light
  112. Annette was not my favorite Mouseketeer
  113. In addition to bells, I collect teapots
  114. I used to play the clarinet and the piano... neither very well... didn't like to practice
  115. I knew the man who originated the idea of Tupperware parties...he's dead now
  116. I am addicted to Coca Cola... but am in a 12 step program to cure myself
  117. When given the choice of paper or platic at the grocery store, I always choose plastic
  118. Ok I think that's enough for now


Frally said...

I LOVE reading these lists, you find out so much about a person. You and L should come stay with me in NZ and we can do nothing but play Scrabble :)

Woody said...

I like your list! You're a very unique and interesting person... but then I already knew that.

cesca said...

Great list! This one reminded me of me: I spend a lot of time planning on getting organized but somehow never seem to get there.

happyandblue2 said...

If you collect mice I'll save the next one I catch in my house for you.
You sound like such a nice, grounded person.

frustratedwriter said...

I collect mice too, they are all in my office so I can gaze upon them fondly...besides, they keep evil supervisors away...

blue2go said...

I Love these! Makes us more real to each other. So you like to vacation in Minnesota, eh? I like to vacation in Florida, so we're opposite.
Seriously, I'm glad SOMEONE likes to come to Minnesota. Have read two unfavorable comments in the past two days.
Thanks for sharing yourself and your life with us!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

So enjoyable to read your list! Scrabble rocks! Smiled at being "ok w/ your kids not married...yet" ;)
Where in MN is your favorite vacation area?
Thx 4 sharing. Thouroughly enjoyed this.

L said...

hmm... learned some new things about you.

you forgot to mention that you are so allergic to guinea pigs, that they could make you swell up and die.

oh, and we only think you are just a teensy bit naive occasionally. don't worry, we'll fix that :)

frustratedwriter said...

Rhodent, went to the blog you suggested and it was fun! Loved her bad art stuff, excellent! Considering I have the Dogs Playing Poker on the wall of my office, I think her selections are quite lovely. Thanks for the heads up on her blog and I am enjoying your's as well!