Saturday, February 19, 2005


I was very frustrated tonight with my post. I could not get my paragraphs to separate no matter what I did... hence the stars between the paragraphs. Hey, it worked!


Ron Southern said...

I don't understand why you'd have this trouble about the paragraphs when the new problem doesn't seem to have harmed the old posts. That's odd. While you are having to perform this artificial fix with asterisks, why not do one that's slightly more attractive, maybe center three asterisks or something. Not to accuse you of doing something ugly, of course.

Rhodent said...

Whatever the probelm was, it seems to have self-corrected. I have actually experienced the problem before, but not to the same extent...maybe for a paragraph or two. Next time, I'll be sure to center my asterisks so as not to offend your sensitivities. I would hate to be the cause of any emotional distress you might experience. Cheers :o)