Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Usually Feel Like a One-armed Paper Hanger at This Time of Year

  • I try to take one day at a time -- but sometimes several days attack me at once.
    -Jennifer Unlimited-

I love this quote. It suits me very well currently. I won't bother you with all of the stupid details, but at this time of year I have more to do than I can reasonably handle and complete within the time frame given to me.

I do accounting and human resources work... lately it seems like there is more human resources work in my job than accounting...which is supposed to be the major focus of my job. The accounting reports are easily handled once I get cooperation from people handling auxiliary accounts that need to be in my reports. It's the darn human resources reports and insurance reports that drive me crazy (pensions reports, health insurance reports, liability insurance reports, workers comp reports, etc)... and let's not get into the filing that goes along with it all. AND at this time of year all of this gets piled on me in addition to my regular work and the good old tax time stuff!

I have been out sick for the last couple of days... except that I went in earlier this evening to do payroll so that the staff would not be in the depths of despair tomorrow. This is another problem. When I am out, nobody else picks up the slack. Nobody knows how. Things just pile up so that there is that much more to do.

It would be better if I could cross train with another staff member, but there just is not anyone appropriate. The problem is that I work at a church. I can't cross train with the wouldn't work for obvious reasons. Maintenance? NO WAY! I have enough of that at home, and I know nothing about fixing air conditioners that break down on a regular basis. Religious Education Director? Well, maybe I could do her filing and ordering. Rectory Cook? I can cook and clean, and it would be fun...the fellas are great! But, no, the grocery shopping would definitely do me in. Monday night dinners when they gather with all the part-time clergy can mean from 12 to 26 hungry men! Parish Manager? Maybe I could do that for awhile. But I would be hairless from the stress in three days. Volunteers Coordinator and Adult Program Director? Neither one of us has the inclination or fortitude for the other's job. Front desk? Well, I could work on the bulletin, but there is no way I want to handle front desk traffic while answering 5 incoming telephone lines... I had a job once where I had to answer three and that was definitely more than enough for me. Music Director? Choir Director? Organist? I can play Chop Sticks and Heart and Soul on the piano, that's about it. Not only that, but our Music Director also maintains our web site.

Don't get me wrong. I do actually like my job... and I especially like the majority of the people I work with. Most of the people I work with are great. Not everyone can say that about their fellow employees or boss. It is just the January/February thing. By March I will be happier and less stressed. Complaining here is very therapeutic. Posting in this blog is the most creative I get to be of late...and when you work with numbers it is best not to be too creative!

I guess I did bother you with some of the details. OK, I'll try to be more amusing with my next post. I just needed to get this out of my system. :o/


Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your blog. Very cute stories. Thank you for sharing them.

Woody said...

Hi Rhodent, I linked back to your blog from the Cheesebee Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I also get stressed during January & February. Just the Northern Minneosta lack of sunlight thing. Your sidebar says that you're in Clearwater, Florida? I lived a year in Largo in 1966, my first job was at the Kash & Karry down on Rte. 19 by the Honneywell plant. Have a nice day, I'll stop back and see how your winter's going.


oiuhewgiuohng said...

I too have bookmarked your blog. ;)

L said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought you might find it amusing... I can't stop watching it...

L said...

I forgot to tell you: I got the link from Dave Barry's blog at

Frally said...

Hi Rhodent,

Just dropping in to say thanks for your kind comments on my blog! You make me blush.

I've linked to you as well, so I'll drop in more often. :)

Rhodent said...

L, you should have watched that post yourself when you were feeling low during that day of disaster and destruction you posted about. I watched with out sound for a bit. Then when I turned on the sound I a was stonefaced for only about 15 seconds before I started cracking up. What a goof. So stupid you have to laugh!

Does this mean we are still young at heart because we can laugh at this moronic and juvenile video? I sure hope so :o)

Anonymous said...

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