Monday, March 05, 2007

Risotto With Wine and Whine

The other night I had a cooking lesson from my fabulous Italian friend Rosie who is a wonderful cook. I can testify to this because she and her family feed me quite often! This particular cooking lesson consisted of the proper way to prepare Italian Rissoto which is made with Italian Arborio rice. It was yummy!

Rosie and I spent a few minutes discussing all of the wonderful things you can put into this dish. This time we put in garlic, mushrooms, onion and white wine. I'm hooked, and I cannot wait to have a chance to try it on my own. Which brings me to the other topic of this post...

I woke up the other morning almost unable to get out of bed. Once I took a very long hot shower and relaxed the muscles in my back I was able to drag myself to work. The last few days have been the same, except that each day it has gotten a bit worse. Last night night I knew I was in for trouble when my right leg started aching and getting shots of pain. I guess all of the lifting and moving that I have been doing is finally catching up to me. All it took was sleeping in the wrong position and wham!

I got to meet the new young chiropractor who bought out my old chiropractor recently. I expected him to be young and probably a bit different, but I didn't expect him to look like he had just graduated from high school! Any concerns I had about his youthfulness went away quite quickly once he started working on me. He is very good.

So I spent the rest of the day today at home resting my back in hopes of a quicker recovery. I go back to the "young fellow" on Wednesday and Friday if necessary. I'm guessing Friday will be necessary as these old bones don't like to cooperate.


Rachel said...

I was hoping for a picture of that yummy sounding food instead of a sick rhodent.

You know the older we get the younger everyone else seems to get. Sad isn't it? But I'm glad the young fellow is making you feel better.

Jim said...

Let us know how that young chiropractor gets along helping your back.
Mrs. Jim had a similar experience Saturday, she was bending a little over the sink and it did what yours did.
She hasn't done anything for it yet except get symphathy from me.
Oh yes, I have some sympathy for you too. And I hope it gets better fast!

Leo said...

I made mushroom risotto last night, its one of my faves as well. Sorry to hear you're not well but at least the young fellow sounds good, .. and young, .. possibly nice to look at even?..

Cliff Morrow said...

Don't you just hate these young professionals. All still in the fetal position I swear.

LZ Blogger said...

Amazing how a few CRACKED bones can make all the differnce? ~ jb///

Palm Springs Savant said...

I was at an event for organic foods and they had someone there talking about rats raised on organic grain. Where does it end!

stop by and say hi sometime

Frustrated Writer said...

I find a shot of bourbon helps with old bones... sometimes two shots

GeL(Emerald eyes) said...

Food sounds yummy!
Glad the chiro helped you and hope you feel much better especially since I'm commenting on a post a couple of weeks old. I remember the first time I went to a chiropractor. I was sooooooo skeptical. The ONLY reason I even went was due to a girlfriend whom I highly respect who is also in the science fields and a guy friend (who doesn't know her) who also is scientifically grounded. I was so skeptical.
(I'm an artsy scientist or a sciency /artist.)

It's amazing what a good chiro does and it's not just for folks of a certain age, alhtough I don't think of you as "old." She went when she was pregnant! I went shortly thereafter...