Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hi Ya

I have been busy with budget mania at work, a stubborn back problem, and a few other non-essential activities. To bring you up you date...

The Steer candle sticks in my previous post sold for almost $50.00! Go figure. I bid on it in the beginning thinking that it would be a great gag gift for Frustrated Writer, one of my Texas blogger friends. After it went over ten dollars, I figured I would have to come up with something else for a joke. Rachel wants me to buy the frogs for Cliff Morrow, but I can't seem to find them again. Sooo sorry Cliff!

I have made a few "marvelous" purchases on E-bay recently. I found two terrific potters... one who specializes in Raku and one who does beautiful functional wheel thrown pieces. I used to do wheel thrown pottery, so I am a soft touch for good pieces. Son Matthew will benefit from one purchase for his upcoming birthday, but I am not sure that I will be able to part with the other pieces. I probably need a twelve step program for being a potteryholic, but I have yet to hit bottom. Until I do, I will fondle my wonderful new purchases. I may take some pictures so that you may ogle them with utter envy.

L and her younger sister will be over on Saturday to help their needy mom with the utility room as well as to go through the china and silver cabinet to stake their claim to some of my nicer things. L is going to take my good china as she is fond of throwing dinner parties. I only use it once or twice a year. If I need to borrow some I can always give her a call. I would much rather see her using and enjoying it than have it sitting in the china cabinet. I have some other things as well I will be giving to the girls. The boys are really not as interested in such "stuff." There will be other things for them down the road that will be of greater interest to them. Anyway, all this will insure that I have room for my pottery addiction.

Once we are done divvying up the spoils, I am going to serve the girls some tea and scones with clotted cream. L discovered clotted cream on a trip to Ireland, and I have been looking for some ever since. I found a British tea shop online and ordered some along with some Devon cream for a treat. I'll let you know how it tastes after our tea party on Saturday. I wonder if L will wear one of her hats? She'll have to wait to don it until we are done in the utility room, though.

So have you investigated E-bay for purchasing yet? You really can buy anything on E-bay! Now if someone will come up with a solution to dealing with all of this packing popcorn...


Frustrated Writer said...

I have ebayed for years and purchased some interesting things along the way. I also check out the auctions of for electronics and have some good luck there as well.

I generally purchase coins but have sold instruments, bought my banjos, etc. on ebay. Great place to shop! Sigh... I don't get the candlestick holder? Double sigh.

Rurality said...

Hi Rho! I've bought mostly CDs and books on ebay. I do like the look of those froggy candlesticks though! :)

L said...

ha ha ha! You must have been disappointed in my, um, outfit then :) it was fun!

we need to go to Corner of England soon

Jim said...

I'm glad you're in on the modern things. Yes, I buy a little and look a lot.
I buy golf clubs and cars and car things.
I look at those and ham radio things and motorcycles.
The cars are die-cast models and real ones.
Oh yes, I've been pretty well out of pocket for the last week plus.

Rachel said...

Oh yes, I like ebay!! I have sold a few things and bought quite a few things. It's interesting to look too but I try to keep from hitting the BID button too much unless it's a "just have to have" item!!

Cliff will be sad he isn't getting those frogs.

I love pottery too. Now I'll have to go look at some on ebay!! I have bought several teacup and saucer sets off ebay.

Do post your lovely pottery pictures!! I'd love to see them!!

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm leary of receiving anything from Florida. It might have a mouse in it too.
I think we have some clotted cream in our fridge right now. Half and half way in the back that's been there a few too many months.

Rhodent said...

You ALL crack me up!!!

Marcin said...