Friday, January 12, 2007

I Am Decluttered

It has been a couple of days since my last post. I don't think that anyone missed the fact that I didn't post for a couple of days since no one is currently reading this blog. I guess people got tired of waiting for me to post something. Or maybe they are tired of hearing about box-packing and coughing. Well they missed a cute poem about it all, but not much else.

I have had some friends give me a hand decluttering my house. I don't know how I would have gotten ready on time for the movers without them. Mary-who-just-can't-help-herself (some of you will remember some previous blog posts about her) was quite tenacious in getting me to get rid of things. She is probably the only person on this earth who could have gotten me to get rid of the alligator head. I will not miss dusting him, but he was a fun conversation piece to have around... for a while anyway. She also brought me soup when I was quite sick and some cold medicine that helped me get some sleep AND she brought several teenagers ( nieces, daughter and son) to help with the packing and decluttering. They were a great help. I hope they can claim some service hours for their work.

The house is listed with MLS and is currently online in numerous places. Some of the pictures were taken before all of the boxes were packed and moved, but the house actually looks pretty good in the pictures. I also like the way the realtor describes the house... "elegant" being a word I have never associated with my house. I guess I should be very careful in discerning what is really meant in the descriptions I read of houses and condos I am reading about in the listings.

I keep trying to switch to the newer version of Blogger. I keep getting invitations and reminders to do so, but when I try I am informed that my blog cannot be switched as yet because of some of my posts. And then I am told to try again at a later date. So far I haven't found a date late enough to work.

I am also without Picasa and my library of rodent pictures. I miss being able to put pictures with my posts. Hopefully, once I get the computer changeover complete I will be able to do those things successfully. I enjoy the pictures. When people used to read my posts, they seemed to enjoy them as well... except for Cliff... Cliff doesn't like rodents, but he likes teasing me about them. For instance, I sent him an email with a rat in a Santa Claus hat with the message "Ho, Ho, Ho." His return email included a picture of various D-con products and the message "Hee, Hee, Hee." That made my day.

So, that is the latest from this neck of the woods. I will try to keep up with my posting, but have a huge backload of things to get done at work. Once I get the 1099s done and catch up on the bills, I will have to complete the financial reports for the Diocese and the parish. Then it will not be long before it is budget time again. If you stop by this blog, leave a comment so that I know you have been by to read or view. If you are in the middle of winter in your neck of the woods, stay warm.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, Cliff doesn't like cats either.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I think you have still have the readers. I've left several comments that have never shown up. It might have something to do with that comment moderation being enabled where they have to be approved.
I haven't switched over over to the new blogger yet either. Can't figure out what is wrong with the old version.

Anonymous said...

No rats? Your readers will have a hissy fit (except for Cliff).

I'm still just hanging around...

See my latest post if you haven't already: TRS

Anonymous said...

I have been reading and commenting!! So not everyone has quit reading your blog!

Cliff will sure hate that you can't post those pictures of the mice he adores so much!!

Glad you had some help uncluttering. I need to borrow them I think. I can't seem to ever get rid of mine!

The Little Red Hen said...

Dear Rhodent,

Please don't think no one is reading your blog; you are on my favorites list of blogs, and while I very seldom comment, I love your blog and your rhodent pictures. My favorite rhodents are squirrels, many of whom live in my backyard and whom I feed regularly and love to watch. Keep blogging when you can; I know that moving is a terrible pain in the behind, but it is so nice when it is done.

I do have a blog myself, but the last couple years, I have been working 12 hour days six days a week, catching up at home on Sundays, so I am way behind on blogging also. I know how that goes.

Your frequent blog watcher,

Cliff Morrow said...

I think you'll find the readership will be picking up as soon as people find out they don't have to look at a 'rat infested' blog.
btw, I was beginning to wonder if you got my email. Glad to see you did. I am however still waiting for reaction to the card I sent you. :}
I'm with you on elegant. Nothing I have is elegant. 'Will Suffice' is a term I would use with our house.

Jim said...

Hi Rhodent. Glad your moved and blogging now.
This comment is too late to matter and needn't be posted but I DID READ it (now), and the earlier ones. I thought I had commented on some of your sick ones and the New Year's one before. Maybe not?

Alisa said...

Oh boy. We had a big fat heavy wet snow last night (right on the heels of last weekend's ice storm that hasn't melted). When I woke up this morning, some of my trees limbs were touching the ground, they were so far bent over.

I'm thankful I have electricity still!