Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Morning Moping

Well it is Sunday. I am a bit down today. The first tropical storm of the season is brewing, and although we desperately need the rain, I am not looking forward to another hurricane season. I am also overly tired today. I have been thinking too hard about things over which I have no control and not sleeping well. I need to catch up on packing my things for the big move, and I don't look forward to that. The antidepressants that I take tend to put weight on me. I had been off of them for a few weeks, but have had to go back on them... instant twelve pounds. Getting them back off will take a few weeks, but I will do it. Oh well, life goes on...

At least I have accomplished some good things at work of late. It does feel much better to walk into my office knowing that things are in much better order. Yesterday my boss reminded me of what I still need to get done. I guess that will be my chore this next week. Hopefully things will remain quiet at work for another week.

I had a nice visit with my youngest on Friday. We met up at the hair salon and had our hair cut, etc. I also had a pedicure which is something I have come to enjoy once in a while. It is an extra that I hope I will still be able to do when on my own. While at the hair salon, Allison gave me a cross with bright pink topaz stones that she had found for me on e-bay. She knows very well that pink is my favorite color! So I will think of her whenever I wear it! My other daughter, Lainey also gave me a cross last Christmas. It is set with garnets and is beautiful. Garnets are her birthstone. When she gave it to me she said she chose the garnets so that I would think of her whenever I wore it. I think of all of my kids most of the time, but it is nice to know that they care.

Son Matthew is getting settled in his new job in Virginia. I am looking forward to the next phone call from him... can't wait to hear about the job and how he likes where he is living. Son Jason seems to be busy as usual. I heard through the grapevine that he has recently done some traveling. I will probably give him a call tonight. I did have a great time with him in Hartford!

That's about it for now. Maybe I will feel a bit more creative tonight. Hope you all have a good day!


happy and blue 2 said...

Sorry you are feeling a little down today.
The crosses you got from your daughters are nice gifts. Plus they will protect you from vampires. If you ever run into one.
And they are far better than the pork chop I gave my Mom. Who knew that a pork chop necklace could end up smelling so bad..

Rachel said...

Hope you are feeling more cheery now. Some days are downers though. Hang in there. You have a wonderful family who care for you!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hope that you are feeling better.