Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's A Week Of Fiesta!

This week we have been celebrating with the theme of Mexican Fiesta... it's Vacation Bible School Week! Everyone, participants and staff, are wearing our Fiesta T-shirts and enjoying the kids, decorations, snacks, and general hub bub that goes along with VBS. The buildings are all decorated... including the hallways. I think that we adults enjoy the week even more than the kids!

The rest of my work time has been mostly taken up with filing and general cleanup in my office. This time of year is generally quiet... it starts to get crazy again at the end of June. So now is my chance to do those chores that I never get to during the rest of the year. My garbage pail has been overflowing. I have even had to gather extra garbage bags to accommodate my pitching-out frenzy. But it does feel good to be getting it done. I can see my desk now as well as the tops of the filing cabinets. I only have FOUR more filing boxes to sort through! YAY!

So now I also have time to do a couple of things for me... like get the latest permanent crown put in my mouth! Oh... and Friday I will take some time in the middle of the day to get my hair cut and highlighted AND I can finally get that pedicure I've been looking forward to having! Now if I could only manage to find some time for a massage...


Ron Southern said...

You need moussage, crazy lady?

signed, Speedy.

Jim said...

You have so many 'peticures,' are you sure that you need a pedicure.

I still marvel and wonder how you dig up all those creature pics. This first one is cute (most of your pets are).

We are doing the Fiesta thing next week. I 'forgot' to volunteer.

happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you are finally getting a break. I've missed your posts..

Frustrated Writer said...

you should take the shredded pieces, add a little flour paste and water, grab some inflated balloons and make yourself a pinata for festival week. somehow i think a rat would be an easy pinata to make.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Mexican Fiesta weeks al lot more fun than all that sorting and tossing.