Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mouse In Mediation

Marauding merciless mouse miffed over muddled matrimony and miserable memories, meandering madly through messy macerating mediation maze, might become militant while meaning to mitigate missing the minimum money mark and might be mildly morose and muttering many meaningless musings and misanthropic remarks about moody, miserly, male malcontents.


Jim said...

over and through become to the and be and and remarks about.

That is a subliminal thought that I discovered between your 'm' words!


I have a MySpace account to check on my granddaughter. Mrs. Jim let is slip that I've read her blog, she cleaned it up a bit.

I could write a post about that experience but I wouldn't want to betray any family confidences. I'm still very proud of her and you would be too it I could tell.

(Hint, she gave her Christian testimony and continued in MySpace fashion.)

Cliff Morrow said...

Mighty meaningful message, Missy.

Frustrated Writer said...

your use of alliteration is inspiring.

Pink Trauma said...

Funny stuff

Rachel said...

Mercy! Lots of M's there!!