Monday, May 22, 2006

Wise Advice As Hurricane Season Approaches Once Again...

Old Arab Proverb...

In God
But tie your camel.

Yup, it looks like another busy season. It is doubtful that this season will be as crazy as the last one, but definitely above average for activity. We are already watching the tropics. Personally, I have already decided that when I retire, I will want to move to another state. The main question, however, is what mode of disaster do I prefer? I can eliminate the earthquake states easily... and probably the states that have ice storms. Floods? Well, they can happen in most states... so I won't move near a river, lake or any other large body of water. Tornados... well I will probably want to avoid tornado alley, but tornados can happen in many states. Fires are a possibility anywhere.

Hmmm... maybe I just need to invest in a bomb shelter in high ground within an earthquake free zone and equip it with generators and a years supply of provisions. Or I could stay in Florida in a less vulnerable area... since there is no area in Florida immune to hurricane damage... and prepare for the inevitable. Hmmm. Okay. I guess that settles it. I'll tie up my camel wherever I am.


Cliff Morrow said...

Well Rhodent, it would seem you've been busy. I almost gave up checking back to see if you were blogging yet and man oh man have you ever. I loved the photos of your trip. What a great trip and I would love to see Mark T's house and grounds.
Where to move to?? I will say that your chances of actually being in the path of a tornado in the 'alley' is still much slimmer than your chances in Florida.
Best answer, rent a house in Florida in the winter and buy a house in the northern teir of states. Okay, you'll do what you want but that's what I'd do.(I don't like sweating or being around people who do)
Glad you are back with us.

Jim said...

You might move to Texas. Up in the hills just a little.

We had 33 inches of water in our house (Galveston County) in 1979 from tropical storm, Claudette.

So now we are north of Houston, on a hill. No more flooding, but still the big city benefits are an hour away.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You could move to the hills of Kentucky...we have no flooding, not any snow to speak of anymore, no ice storms or tornados or earthquakes...although once Rachel & I got acquainted with the same tornado. And we have normal rainfall and lush greenery.

Happy and Blue 2 said...

I would suggest you move to the Canadian Prairies. Here the only storms are caused by waves of boredom.
Plus I could visit you and borrow some food..

Rainypete said...

You realize that living in a house constructed of something other than swiss cheese would increase your odds of escaping unscathed right? I mean, it;s full of holes!!

Rhodent said...

Well, I will take all of your suggestions into consideration...

Hey Happy & Blue 2... it is great to hear from you!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I think you had the right answer to start with - Trust in God but tie your camel. No place is perfect.

Tropical Screamer said...

We're kind of in a good spot. The area we're in is like the "desert" of Maui. We only get Kona storms that come from the south, so that's not too many.

No seasons and about 9 inches of rain a year. The water isn't quite warm enough to generate hurricanes, but we do get imported ones from other areas. One hasn't yet found our little corner.

But you're right. No place is safe from everything. I was born and raised in California so earthquakes under 4.5 don't phase me. But I couldn't live anywhere with tornados. The thought of those terrify me. :)