Saturday, April 22, 2006

Inquiring Minds Want To Know... Or Maybe Not!

After Girls' Night Out on Thursday and a few manly comments last night at our Friday night gathering, I've been thinking...

What is the point to some of women's lingerie? I mean I like to wear pretty, sexy things. I prefer that they be comfortable as well. I get that. What I don't get is things like underwear that have no remote connection to the reason they were designed. Let's pose a few questions here...

1) Wouldn't is just be better/easier to go to bed naked than put some exorbitantly priced, itchy, uncomfortable nightie on that will be removed within 30 seconds?

2) What IS the whole deal with costumes? I mean really!

3) Why is it that the skimpier women's underwear, sleepwear and bathing suits are, the pricier they are as well?

4) Would any man even consider wearing some uncomfortable, itchy garment to bed to seduce the intended romantic target?

5) Wouldn't most women laugh uncontrollably if he did? (Case in point here... I know of a man that presented himself to his wife dressed only in his newly acquired gold lame jock strap. He did not get the reaction he intended. His next door neighbors even inquired about what was so funny since the wife could be heard next door laughing uncontrollably for an extended period of time No this was NOT me!)

6) What is the deal with the latest trend in women's underwear designed to resemble men's underwear (sometimes referred to as "tightie whities") ? From thongs to those? I just can't keep up! Do men actually consider these sexy or erotic? Who thinks up these changes? Is this all part of some evil plot to keep us all confused? Is Dick Chaney behind it all?

Okay... some of you guys out there give some explanations to the mindsets behind all of this. I know that I may have led a somewhat sheltered life to date, but come on! I guess I suffer from not having grown up with brothers. My mother still tells me that. And my sons don't seem interested is discussing such things with their mother. Go figure! Even after being married for so long, some things still remain unanswered. So I am relying on some of you bloggers out there to explain some of the various male mental musings related to all of this.



Rachel said...

I guess we'll have to let the men speak out for the attraction of a sexy nightie that gets removed in 30 seconds!

I don't keep up with the latest fashions so I never heard of a tightie whitie. It sounds painful though.

frustratedwriter said...

Considering men are stimulated by the visual I would think it is self explanatory. As for the gold jockstrap... sigh, suddenly I feel embarassed for my side of the species.

Ron Southern said...

It may all be early training that explains men's taste in wear for women. As for women's bedwear starting to resemble men's, I only guess that some of the women who like to sleep in HIS gear when they sleep over are being appealed to by a more masculine and less decorated style. Men will be men, but they'll also sell you anything you want or think you want!

I used to have a girlfriend who promised that one day she'd buy something sexy at Good Will and then let me tear it off her for fun! She never remembered to do it, but I never remembered to worry about it, either. Too bad, though!

L said...

heh heh -- I always loved that story about G.

Cliff Morrow said...

I would agree with all you have implied here Rhodent. Why not 'cut' to the chase.

Jim said...

I think it is a lady thing. Men just go along with things as they find them.
It could be a Fredericks of Hollywood inspired thing.
And leave poor old Dick Chaney out of it unless it involves shooting or oil.
My favorite PJs are the comfortable part, I don't pull the sheets over my shoulders. I think men and women should just be comfortable.
If they happen to come off somehow, put them back on when you get cold.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

It doesn't seem that the men have that much to say...Maybe it is Fredericks of Hollywood or Victorias Secret who started these fads, just to sell their wares.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I will answer one of your questions. It is quite possible that Dick Chaney is behind it.
No comments on the rest of the questions.

Rainypete said...

As a man I can say that intention is far more attractive than garment. There is nothing sexier than a lady in a flannel shirt of maybe a hockey jersey and naught else, but maybe that's me. The concept of $200.00 butt floss has mystified me for years as well.

Britmum said...

I most definately do not understand this great fasination men have of underwear. No sooner do you get it on then they want it off. Why also would anyone in their right mind want to walk around with a piece of string between their arse cheeks? I don't know, its mind boggeling.

Take care