Thursday, April 20, 2006

Girls' Night Out And A Planned Trip

Tonight was the weekly Girls' Night Out. We had a yummy dinner and then hit the mall... with a bit of a twist to our usual shopping excursion...

A new store has recently opened up in the mall. A store with a famous name, but one which I have never been in before. Half of our dinner conversation revolved around our anticipated visit to this new shop in the mall.

Yes, Fredericks of Hollywood is quite an interesting place. We did have a fun time and a lot of laughs. I also got a kick out of what looked like a father-daughter shopping excursion that wasn't a father and daughter shopping excursion. I guess I figured that out based upon the following observations: what she was buying and the fact that he kept peeking in the fitting room to see how everything looked. However, I think I still prefer Victoria's Secret because the quality of the "clothing" is much better, they carry wonderful lotions and perfumes, and I don't have to deal with men in the fitting rooms.

In a week or so I will be taking a trip to a more northerly climate. I will be visiting with my son Jason and meeting the young lady in the picture below. It should be a fun trip, and I am SO ready for a bit of a vacation right now! Jason lives in Hartford, CT, and I have never been to visit him there before. I will also be spending a day or two in Boston where I have not been since high school. Maybe I will get to see the USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" in all of it's glory this time! I am very excited about my trip!

The young lady in the picture with my son has a blog called "Siren Soup" that I have listed in my links. Jason has not been blogging of late, but when he did he was the author of the posts found on "Lemming Fodder."

So, that is what I did today and what I have planned soon. I have been busy with reports at work over the last couple of weeks and next week will be presenting the proposed budget to the financial committee. Easter was in there somewhere, as well as some visits to the attorney with paperwork for my divorce... not to mention filling out that paperwork. Yup, I am going to be very ready for that trip!


Jim said...

Are you nervous a little bit? I know your meeting will go good, she looks like a very nice young lady who will like you right away. Best of wishes.

Rachel said...

Your girl's night out sounds like it was great fun!

I know you will have a great time on your trip! Your son and his friend are very nice looking. Enjoy!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your son and his friend are both very attractive. Are you flying by hummingbird? Your other pictures are darling and I'm sure that you will enjoy your time away visiting. Have fun and we'll miss you.

Cliff Morrow said...

Very good looking couple.
On the trip to the mall...Film at eleven??

Tropical Screamer said...

Your son is so handsome and his friend is so pretty.

I flashed that I don't think I would have wanted my mother-in-law to read my blog. An interesting thought, though. LOL.