Friday, September 09, 2005

Rhodent Surgery

No, not me... The youngest of the Rhodent clan had some surgery done today. Allybrat had a mole removed from her face, and,more importantly, had a birth mark that had changed removed from her back. It was a long wait while she was prepped, poked, draped, cut, and sutured. The surgeon said he was sure that he got everything from her back and that the mole on her face was no problem.

Before the surgery she started to have a reaction to the antibiotics that they were adding to her IV, but it all turned out okay. She vomited only once on the way home and seemed to settle in her own bed okay. The boyfriend and I were professional waiting room groupies beginning at 7:30 AM this morning. It was strange hearing his name used as a contact instead of me. She's grown and over 21, but I am still the same mom that did the waiting room bit for the last 21 years. It's hard to be moved into second place, but life goes on and I know she will have someone looking after her at college. But then I get to take her to the Doctor on Tuesday and get my needed motherly fix to last for a bit. ;o)




Cliff Morrow said...

She will move on, as it should be. But I'm guessing when the 'nursing role is reversed, she'll be there. Good kids never break the ties.
I'm so glad she is okay.

PBS said...

Glad to hear that everyting went fine. It was good that you could be there too, bet it meant a lot to her. It really helps to have a loving parent watching over you!

Rainypete said...

You know when she gets over the mind muddling anaesthetics, she'll come hunting you for posting that "after" photo right?

Anonymous said...

hahaha... I suppose I should check this a little more frequently, huh?

Rainypete: it's not so much that I'd come hunting her for posting the after photo... It's the boyfriend who took the pictures!! ...stupid camera phone! ::grumbles::