Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pressed For Time

It's been a busy week this week,
and I have been caught in a bit of a time squeeze with family stuff.

I have also been a bit pressed for time at work.

My Aunt Elaine's funeral was on Wednesday and there had to be some changes in my mother's plane ticket home... at least three times. This involved numerous telephone conversations to figure out who was available to pick her up at the airport and then take her home which is a 2 hour drive away with another 2 hour return trip back to Clearwater. Last I heard, she will be coming in on the 20th.

In the meantime, I picked up Ally in Tampa and brought her back to Clearwater for her first post-op check up with the surgeon who removed her cancerous body parts. She will be very happy to get to wash her hair and take a real shower! Thursday she went back and had the stitches on her face removed and some of the stitches on her back removed. She will have another trip back to get the remainder of the stitches out.

This week has also been active at work with the fall start-up of a lot of programs. That means lots of checks to be written and invoices to be filed. I still have some of that backlog of filing left, but I am slowly making progress. The Pastor, Fr. Pat, returned from his trip to Ireland in the later part of the week, so he has piles of papers on his desk to go through. We also had our finance committee meeting this Thursday... first one with the new pastor. The stressful part of all that for me is trying to figure out just what he wants me to present to the committee. He has a different style from Fr. Aiden. It was a good meeting. Fr. Pat seems to want more interaction with the committee members, and I think that this is a very good thing. He is an experienced pastor and doesn't shirk from tackling things... although he does take the time to assess things before making any decisions. Two things seem to epitomize his outlook... "don't fix what isn't broken" and "keep it simple"... I won't argue with those!

I guess that I am just anxious to get into the swing of things, and he is taking things slowly to get the feel of how things are. I know that he will make some changes... he is big on accountability which is a very good thing. So we all will need to make sure that we are performing our jobs as we should... not a problem for most of the staff. A couple of staff members may have to make some adjustments... some very needed adjustments.

Fr. Mike has been super. He is a lot of fun and very quick to catch on to things. It is so great to finally have a young priest back in that corner office who likes to interact with the staff and is so willing to be helpful. The laughter is back in full swing!

As soon as the finance committee meeting was over on Thursday (around 5:15 PM), I finished up a few things in my office and then dragged my boss, Cathy with me to Girls' Night Out. We had a great time... Cathy couldn't get over these married women sitting around and cackling over various things in their lives, especially their husbands. She did laugh a lot! It is all very therapeutic!

Friday was an early start with a trip driving north to Spring Hill to attend a Diocesan Stewardship meeting. (I drove) It was a long day. I had a very hard time keeping my eyes open during the second part of the day after lunch! I think that the first speaker and the first workshop were the "meat" of the day for me, and after that it was downhill. I also developed a sore throat during the day (am I allergic to boring meetings?) and was relieved when Fr. Pat said we would leave early... we all had had enough! When we got back to the office I worked for another hour or so and then went home... to bed! I was exhausted and the throat bit was getting worse. For me, sleep is usually the best medicine.

So that was my week. Kind of a boring post, I know. But I hope you enjoyed the rodent pictures anyway!


Rachel said...

I LOVE the rhodent photos!!!

PBS said...

I thought it was a very interesting post with everything from a funeral to flying to your job. Such variety! And the pictures were cute!

frustratedwriter said...

I salute you, fellow way-to-busy blogger! what a day/week/month you are having!

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