Sunday, August 14, 2005

You Had To Know That A Limmerick Was Coming...

There once was an Aussie named Shane
Three mice he decided to train
It was quite an art
In the tub they did start
But I question if he’s at all sane

Chopsticks, Bunsen and Harry
Little mice who all seemed quite merry
Some surfboards Shane made
And how his mice played
Then their routines did Shane start to vary

Shane stuck to their training routine
On their surfboards they might then be seen
Was their training enough?
Would the waves be too rough?
Was he pushing and being too mean?

On a day that the weather seemed nice
To the ocean Shane took his three mice
The waves became real
The mice all surfed with zeal
Through the waves, on their boards they did slice

Now they’re famous all over the world
They were seen where the big waves were curled
They were there with the rest
Hanging ten with the best
And not one of them has ever hurled!


ExpatDemocrat said...

Thanks for visiting. It's always nice to see your rhodent on the blog. Please feel free to enter the fray on any of the posts. I'm glad you enjoy them.

PBS said...

Cute limerick! How do you keep doing those things so well!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Great poem. I really liked the last line!

happyandblue2 said...

Another great limmerick. Or bunch of limmericks.
That guy with the mice is nuts..

frustratedwriter said...

Ah limericks, loved 'em!