Monday, March 03, 2008

Ho Hum

Not a whole lot happening just now, but I thought I had better post something for all of my adoring fans...

My sister, Betsy, was here from California for a week to visit our mom and do what she could to help. Unfortunately, she got sick the night before her flight and arrived sick. So, she spent several days just hanging out at my house before she could visit Mom. It was a good visit. We rarely get time to chat together. Usually we just see each other during all of the craziness of Thanksgiving.

We ate out a lot while Betsy was here. I am not used to being tempted so frequently, so consequently, I am having to add another 5 pounds to my weight loss goal. It was worth it!

Mr. Koko is hanging in there. He continues to hang out most of the day on one of his heating pads, and he is still managing to eat a reasonable amount of food. I'm not sure how much weight he has put back on, but he is looking better. He rather enjoys all of the pampering... except for his morning medicine.

Things are still moving along with the house. I am really enjoying my new leather chair and couch. I had put up with an uncomfortable worn-out futon for so many years that having good seating in the family room seems amazing. Last weekend I visited a local kitchen remodeling store to get an updated view of what is available... next step is to get a quote... after I am revived, I will decide how much of a kitchen remodel I can afford. Then I need to check out replacing the carpeting with wood and laminate flooring. My list is way too long!


possum said...

Glad to have a moment to catch up with you and Mr Koko! And also very glad you both seem to be doing better!
Spring has sprung here. Daffodils are in bloom.

Cliff said...

Glad to hear you are progressing with the house. Unlimited money would sure help. Eh?

Rachel said...

I'm glad Mr. Koko is doing better. Glad you posted for all your adoring fans!!!! :)

I had a visitor from England and we did lots of eating out. I'd say I need to add 5 lbs. to my body fat as well, but it was worth it! We had such a nice visit.

When my husband was coming home from the hospital and would be in a hospital bed I had laminate flooring put down in his bedroom, the living room and kitchen. I really like it. That was almost 3 yrs. ago. Just don't let any water sit on it!! They put it in my kitchen since we don't have an ice maker or a dishwasher.

I know what you mean about the money thing!! I wouldn't mind a new countertop and sink. Our kitchen is small so I figure it shouldn't cost that much!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad you had a nice visit with your sister. It's too bad she was ill for part of the visit though.
Good eating is a MUST during vacations and family times. My mom is coming to visit this weekend, and we plan to do some gooood eating.
How neat that you are remodeling and redecorating!
Enjoy your comfy new family room furniture.

Frustrated Writer said...

I've just finished our bathroom (floor and toilet only) and man, do we need to do so much more! Remodeling is fun, but expensive! Congrats on the couch and chair!