Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shelfari And Koko Update

I have started to keep track of the books I am reading and have read on Shelfari. My sister invited me to join first, and then another blogger. Eventually I think that I will only list my favorite books. I think it will be interesting to see what other people are reading and have read. I have just started to list my books and look forward to checking out reviews on other books I am interested in reading. Maybe it will all be a waste of time. Who knows?

I had to return Mr. Koko to the vet after he was home for one day. He is still there. $$$$$ I am hoping that the biopsy results will arrive tomorrow. Allison, Charles and I visited him yesterday and today. He is still hooked up to the IV and they have him on a heating pad and hot water bottle. Yesterday, he was still very lethargic, but he has been eating and today he was quite a bit more his usual irascible self. It's a good sign.

In the meantime, I have been doing a bit of research online about feline pancreatitis which seems to fit his symptoms. As long as his results don't show cancer I think he may get through this and be around for a few more years. The house has seemed very quiet and empty without him talking to me and purring in my ear at night.


gel said...

I hope Mr. Coco's results are good.
I wish I had time to keep up with that "shelfari" idea. I was invited by friends, too and the site looks interesting. Happy reading, Rhodent!

Cliff said...

Good luck on the cat. You're on your own on the book club deal.

Jim said...

Thanks for the update on Mr. Koko.

I did a blog search for him and got to your April 20 (2007) post where you had pictures of him.
Even though he does 'show disdain' you sure did get him to pose good.

I'll check here for a while for more on his recovery. Like Cliff, best wishes from here.

possum said...

Thinking of you and your "babies"...
Been down that road... You and Mr Koko are in my prayers.

Rachel said...

I do hope Mr. Koko is home and doing well!

Happy Valentine's Day~!

Rachel said...
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Jamie Dawn said...

I'm always behind on reading the "in" books. I recently read The Kite Runner. It was a good read.

Sorry to hear about Mr. Koko's illness. I hope he recovers and is back to purring around the house soon.

I decided to get to know the other bloggers who are going to be at Blogstock '08. I know a few of them very well, but I want to know all the bloggers who'll be there.
So... Howdy!! From me.

Frustrated Writer said...

Hope he is up and kicking soon!