Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oops! I Goofed!

My duct work is done and I have a new vent into the Laundry Room. Yay! The electrician is coming on Monday to put the new panel in and complete the rest of the various electrical things that need attention. "L" is coming on Sunday to help me get the laundry room ready for the work. So today I went out to buy a new refrigerator to replace the one that quit working properly.

I was very careful to measure the width and depth of the refrigerator I now have because it is a tight fit between cabinets. I look up and decided that I did not need to get a height measurement because I could eyeball it by my own height. I looked at the cabinet over the top of the refrigerator and decided that I had plenty of leeway there. I should have used a stool or chair to check the cabinet clearance, however... like I did after I got home to unload the top of the old refrigerator. What I had thought was about eight inches was only about an inch an a half. It has been a while since I got up there to view the clearance. Uh, oh.

So how do I fix this problem? The price of the refrigerator was right. It has everything I wanted... and more. The color, width, depth and design are all good. Hmmm... Well, being the practical and sensible person that I am, I have decided that the cabinet above the refrigerator needs to be taken down! It is too high to be of much use to me anyway. No band-aid solutions for me! That cabinet has got to go... and before Monday when they deliver the new one... I think I have a few things to do... This should be good!


Cliff said...

Well good luck on that one. I've shortened the cabinet above our fridge twice. Once for Mom and Dad when they lived here. I made sure to shorten it so I'd never have to do that again. Yeah right. Taking yours out is the best idea assuming it doesn't lead to a new kitchen.
I've read everything I've missed on your blog. We got done with harvest today so I hope to check in with regularity.

Alisa said...

oh my! If it's not one thing, it certainly is another. I hope that once all this work is completed you have a nice long stretch of things going absolutely right. :)

Rachel said...

Those little cabinets above my fridge aren't that big either. Good luck with your project!!

Frustrated Writer said...

sounds like you have the right idea... just don't use a sledge hammer.