Sunday, July 15, 2007

They've Arrived!

Yes, we have two new baby Mourning Doves. If you look closely in the above photo, you can see one of the little heads peeking out from under Mama bird.

I have never been so close to newly hatched birds before. I am really excited! Yes, I know that probably means I lead a rather mundane existence, but it's okay for now. My next door neighbor suggested I name the mother bird, but I have not come up with anything yet. Suggestions are welcome. However, I have come up with names for the newly hatched... Heckle and Jeckle... just seems to fit.

Mama bird had gotten used to my presence until Heckle and Jeckle arrived. Now she is quite spooked about my being close to the nest. That is why I was able to get pictures of the babies. When I took the first picture, she flew from the nest and tried to do the injured-bird-to-distract-me-from-the-nest routine. I quickly closed the front door and left her alone. Hopefully, I will be able to get more pictures in a few days and as Heckle and Jeckle grow, but for now I don't want to panic Mama bird any more than is necessary to water the plant.


frustrated writer said...

I think I would name mama bird "lunch" and the two little birds "snack 1 and snack 2".

ally said...

you only like them because they look like rats :)

Cliff said...

They say you don't get into trouble until you start giving them names.
See you in about 10 days. Family reunion time.

Jim said...

I'm sure they would not have made it into the world with your help, Rhodent.
They are twins, can you tell Heckle and Jeckle apart?

possum said...

OH lucky you! Now you get to watch as they grow, fledge and drive everyone nuts begging to be fed! I have had Carolina Wrens nest in m y plants, but never a dove. Do you see papa much? Did he bring food to mama? See if he helps feed the youngsters.

gel said...

Precious photos. I love birds but haven't been close to baby birds in a long time.
Missed stopping by your blog. Glad I saw a comment by you at Cliff's. I've been a very erratic blogger.
Hope your summer is going well, Rhodent!