Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 2nd

Yes, Groundhog Day is here again. I think I know what the little fellow will decide tomorrow...

Since the weather here has been a little less than desirable this week, and we are expecting another few days of yucky weather, perhaps Phil should consider Hawaii. However, we are still better off than poor Ralph and his never-ending snow shoveling!


Rachel said...

Hope you are okay. I've just been watching the news about all the tornado's FL had and the people killed. Very tragic and sad.

Jim said...

I was thinking of you too this morning. You are quite a ways away from that nasty one but I know the storms were elsewhere too.

Our spring is just around the corner, we didn't see the sun this morning. It is supposed to shine later in the day.

Mrs. Jim cancelled her tee time as we are in the 40s this morning. 50s will come this afternoon. Not quite as nice as Florida.

Cliff Morrow said...

I like groundhogs better than rats.