Monday, September 01, 2008

Just A Quick Update...

Okay. I know that I have been a very delinquent blogger. I'm sorry. A lot has been going on in my life, and I have been distracted from posting.

I promised pictures from my trip to Key West. Well, I have actually been to Key West again! Both trips were amazing and great fun! One of these days I will get around to posting some pictures, but not today. As a matter of fact, I have lots of pictures that I want to post... and I will ... sometime... I promise...

So here are a few happenings in my life since I last posted...

  • Koko had to be put to sleep
  • That was very hard
  • I really miss him
  • Youngest daughter broke her engagement
  • I have had endless frustrations with Himself ( no need to elaborate)
  • I have a new roommate
  • She has a dog I absolutely adore
  • Scud Doesn't like the dog
  • The dog, Mia, is terrified of Scud
  • I closed out the fiscal year at work (YAY)
  • I am working on the financial report for the parish
  • The Pastor, Fr. Pat had to have surgery for cancer
  • He had breast cancer which was a shock to many of our male parishioners
  • He now has a clean bill of health... looks like they got it all and quick enough
  • He is still fighting with skin cancer on his legs
  • He doesn't slow down for anything
  • I admire his tenacity
  • I had some new window treatments done for the family room.
  • The window treatments were ordered wrong and have to be replaced
  • I am still waiting on the replacements
  • I had wood flooring put in almost every room of the house
  • I LOVE the wood flooring
  • Changing flooring requires emptying out rooms and closets
  • Putting things back in rooms and closets is not a lot of fun
  • I hate to mess up my closet floors by putting things away
  • I have lost over 40 pounds
  • I am very glad that I have lost over 40 pounds
  • Losing 40 pounds requires new clothes and getting rid of old clothes
  • I am still sorting through clothes to get down to what fits or will fit soon
  • I need to simplify my life by getting rid of excess stuff
  • Especially clothes
  • And probably a few pair of shoes as well
  • I am still very glad that I have lost over 40 pounds
  • I had to spend a few bucks on supplies for the hurricane season
  • I am glad that I have not had to use them so far this season
  • I hope that doesn't change
  • My biggest fear about putting in wood floors was water damage from a hurricane
  • I am very glad that I do not live in New Orleans or the Florida panhandle
  • I have really enjoyed my pool this summer with friends
  • I am a little sad that the summer will be over soon
  • I really want to replace the heater for the hot tub attached to the pool
  • Did I mention that I put in wood flooring?
  • Wood flooring is expensive
  • I need to finish paying off the wood flooring before I replace the hot tub heater
  • I chipped a tooth
  • I had my chipped tooth fixed
  • I re-chipped the same tooth
  • I am planning a trip to visit my older son when he has shoulder surgery in October
  • My mom has had several trips to the emergency room
  • My mom is now on medication supervision
  • I met the girlfriend of Himself
  • She is a very nice lady
  • We went out to dinner to meet
  • I like her
  • What IS she thinking???
  • I need lessons on how to run and maintain a generator
  • On my second Key West trip this year I bought myself a beautiful bracelet
  • I really love it
  • I am back on a tight budget
  • Youngest daughter may be getting back together with her ex-fiance
  • He has been very apologetic and is determined to win her back
  • Work is getting busier and busier with new requirements added to my job
  • I am now spending more time on human resources than finances
  • A lot more time
  • It is not my favorite thing and very frustrating
  • I am grateful for a few friends at work that keep me sane
  • There are a few people at work that need to retire
  • I had a leak in the pool and had it fixed
  • I am trying to be better about keeping up with my communication with friends
  • I have let my hair grow out so it is now longer
  • I am still losing weight and hope to get back down to 130
  • We'll see how it goes
  • I eat well and will not get crazy with this
  • I can't afford to keep buying clothes!
  • I guess I need to learn how to alter the clothes I have
  • At least for a while
  • I was very unhappy that I had to miss Blogstock 08
  • I hope there will be a Blogstock 09 or 10 or something
  • I really want to meet those bloggers in person
  • I have a new camera so I should have pictures to post soon
  • As soon as I figure out how to upload them from the camera to the computer
  • I am glad that there are a lot of "kids" around to help me figure these things out
  • I can't think of anything else right now
  • Did I mention that I have lost over 40 pounds?


Anonymous said...

Finally, some news. Congrats on losing the 40.

Your sis

alisa said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!!

Nice to see you're still around the blogosphere. :)


possum said...

Glad you are back! Was worried about you! Glad you are OK. Did you say you lost 40 lbs?

Rachel said... posted!! You have been busy losing 40 lbs. and getting those new wood floors down and meeting HER. So glad a hurricane didn't come along and wet on your floors!

We missed you at Blogstock. I haven't heard if there will be an 09 one or not. It was GREAT fun!

Congratulations on losing 40 lbs.
And getting new wood floors!
And posting!!!

Cliff said...

Hey, great post.''
We got some new wood floors too. I hope yours or ours don't get wet.
Yes, what is that woman thinking?
How much weight have you lost so far?
We missed you at blogstock. We haven't decided on next year or the next. More to come.
Its good to see you posting.

Tropical Screamer said...

I'm so sorry about Koko.

And don't worry. Your lost 20 pounds have found a new home.

Best regards,

Tropical Screamer said...

Me again.

I saw this on another blog and I've added it to mine.

I almost didn't start blogging again because someone said I hurt her feelings when I quit blogging without much notice. (It was necessary for me.)

Don't know if you'll like the link, but it helped me feel better about only blogging when it was fun.

Best regards,

Darilyn said...

Thinking about you, Skinny. ;)


Jim said...

Hi Ms. Rhodent, I am glad to find you back with an update. Thank you.
It would have been nice for you to be at the Blogstock '08 because it was nice to meet the bloggers we only knew by what they put in their blogs.

We dodged Ike, Galveston 95 miles to the south didn't fare so well. We just had rain and 85 mph winds up here.

Mrs. Jim and I are joining the force, we need new wood floors but the budget says probably next year.
Please check in at any of my Texas blogs anytime. I am running three right now. (I have been starting new ones each December.)

gel said...

glad things are going well in your life like enjoying your new roommate. Great reason to buy new clothes. 40 lbs loss is QUITE the accomplishment!

Cliff said...

Yo Rhodent, it's time for your quarterly blog.
I'd send an email but your address is in my other computer in the shop.

Rachel said...

I hope you are still okay and that you have a wonderful Christmas!!