Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Am Still Wearing White Sandals

I thought that I should post something quickly tonight so that my millions of readers would know that I am still alive. Until today, the weather has been so hot that everyone around here is still wearing white shoes and summer clothes! Today however, we finally have some nicer cool weather. Highs around 83, Lows around 70. That is getting close to heaven on earth in my book... at least in terms of the weather. I hope we get a few weeks of this at least before it gets hot again!

I have been very busy getting my mom ready to move closer to me and into a retirement/assisted living complex. We have sorted through about a gazillion of her books. Yesterday and today we worked with a moving service for the elderly marking her things that will go with her, the things that will move to my house, and the things that will go to charity. There are still a lot of junk drawers that she has to sort through. I have told her to pick one a day and that should get her done by her packing date. I really don't want to pay movers to move empty cans, jars, old pieces of sting and dozens of unknown keys... to name but a few. I also suggested that her three or four old coffee makers that are no longer working or are missing parts might possibly go into the garbage and not on the truck to Clearwater!

It has been a chore, but I can't imagine how difficult it would have been without the Welcome Home service. When she moves into her apartment her bed will be made and everything will be put away for her. They worked up a floor plan for all of her things with her, took pictures of everything, and will make sure that everything is in it's proper place when she arrives. They were absolutely wonderful!!!!

On a lighter note... I have started "eating healthier" which is the current code for going on a diet with Weight Watchers. It is my hope that future pictures of me will look a little different...


Ron Southern said...

Something making that rhodent slimmer?

Rachel said...

Great to see a post! I'm just one of your million readers! It sounds like your Mom is going to a lovely place! How wonderful!!

Those temps sound great!! Here it has gotten a bit chillier than that, with some lows in the 30's.

Good luck with Weight Watchers!!

possum said...

It was so good to come home and find a couple emails from you and today I found a minute while eating breakfast to see that you are back on your blog. Yes, like a million or so of your other readers, I was concerned... and am glad to hear you are OK. I have only about a half a dozen blogs I try to read as often as possible, and worry when they don't post. I have been so absent so much lately, I have no doubt people have gioven up on me... Maybe I will get on this week and "splain myself!
Glad to see you are back tho busy - I have been in your spot, sort of - with a great aunt. Her nephew took care of getting rid of everything eventually - sold it all, lock, stock and barrel and then it was auctioned off. Broke my heart - but HE was a MAN so HE had the POA. I was the one who visited daily, held her hand, bought her clothes and made her snacks, brought her flowers... and I am the one who misses her.
I will be thinking of you.

possum said...
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Frustrated Writer said...

I think I'm joining you. I've already cut down the portions and now I'm working on the content of what I eat. Fewer carbs, more fiber, and meat...yeah, meat.