Thursday, November 10, 2005

Meetings, Pie Charts, And Key Buys

Today was a busy day. I entered numerous invoices onto the computer. I prepared handouts for the Parish Finance Committee meeting. I met briefly with our pastor and he suggested some changes to our pie charts. I made the changes. I am still seeing pie charts when I close my eyes. At the first finance meeting I attended today, the pie charts were discussed and a relatively few changes were made. Tomorrow I will work on the final version to be distributed to the parish members. Fun, fun fun!

The second finance meeting was this evening... the Annual Diocesan Finance Meeting. It is usually a boring meeting, but it is also a meeting that is important to attend because for the information that gets dispersed. We get a wonderful Power Point presentation about the financial status of our Diocese. There is a question/answer session at the end of the meeting where a few actual pertinent questions get asked and then answered. Then there are the people who like to get up to hear themselves speak and after ten minutes of comments actually may finally get to a question that has already been answered... probably twice. Our Bishop is very good at cutting off the questioning once he decides that the pertinent questions have already been asked. He has a lot of patience!

Tonight, when we got back from the Diocesan Finance Meeting, I got to browse throughout the stuff that was set up for a rummage sale at church tomorrow. I actually got a couple of very good deals! I got a set of 4 chairs-- the good folding kind with cane backs-- for $20.00. That is $5.00 a chair! I also picked up a wooden cat for $3.00, a set of French mixing bowls for $3.75, a marble and glass cheese holder for $6.00, a cow that matches my Christmas manger set for 10 cents, and a small AnnaLee doll for 5 cents.

I do have to explain that I am not normally a garage sale / rummage sale type of person. There is nothing wrong with being a person that likes those sales, but I have just never been very fond of them. However, once a year I patronize our Women's Guild rummage sale because it is their main fundraiser for the year and they do so much for our parish. They also include yummy baked goods in the rummage sale. Those will not be put out until tomorrow. I may have to make another purchase or two. You know, to support the ladies and their worthy efforts.

So, I hope you have all had a wonderful day. I am going to go to bed now. I will dream of wondrous pie charts and wake up ready to head for work and at least one more version of those pie charts. Perhaps more. Yes, I will need to make additional purchases at the bake sale tomorrow!


PBS said...

I love rummage, garage and church sales. But that is a big reason why my house looks the way it does, too.

Cliff Morrow said...

Of the pies mentioned I prefer the ones from the sale over the chart type. One scoop of vanilla please.

Rachel said...

I love rummage sales too. I try not to buy unless it's a need, not a want! I have too much clutter already and don't want to add to it! I love the homemade quilts! I just sort of drool a lot and then make myself move along!!

Steve said...

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happyandblue2 said...

I don't like rummage sales. I always feel guilty when I don't buy something.
French bowls sound interesting though. Ooo la la..

frustratedwriter said...

I like browsing at them, seldom buy anything. the baked goods though...mmm, sounds yummy!